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The 7 Keys to Winning Your Acting Auditions

A Workshop For Actors, Teachers & Your Students!   ACTORS... From rehearsing the audition piece to it’s ultimate performance, Larry teaches you the 7 most crucial components in performing a breathtaking audition. You will be inspired to work in more vital and human ways in rehearsing and performing your auditions. ACTING TEACHERS... With the video lessons in this course, you can bring Larry into your classroom as he speaks directly to your students creating an exciting experience for the whole class and giving you, the teacher, a specific leaping off place to work with your students on their audition pieces. AND YOU GET THE BOOK FOR FREE!... Along with the video workshop, you will receive a free copy of Larry’s book, Winning Your Acting Auditions! , which includes 50 original monologues written by Larry for high school and college actors. Please note, all payments for our online courses are Non-Refundable.
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Actors Revolution Club

Remember when it was so much fun to belong to a Club? We are building Actors Revolution Club for you, to encourage you, to give you a new light on your path to be the very best actor you can be.  Come on inside! Actors Revolution Club is free and filled with wonderful discoveries to be made, stories to share, videos, music, lessons and community.